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How to Jump Start your vehicle using jumper cables

As a driver, one of the more common problems that you will need to learn how to troubleshoot is a dead battery. This is usually a common occurrence during wintertime or near summertime, when the weather brings in a sudden drop or increase in temperatures. Or, you might have left an accessory turned on, such as your dome lamp or headlamps. A discharged battery will make it difficult or even impossible to start the car. In these events, a manual or standard transmission vehicle has an advantage, because you can push start them and the motor will turn over with the right combination of speed and gear. However, automatic vehicles use a torque converterto transfer power from the engine to the wheels, and you cannot use push-starting to get the motor running. It’s important to learn how to properly use and connect jumpercables. Otherwise, improper use might result in explosions. Or, you can even damage your car’s onboard computer. For this instructional, we ... read more


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