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Lex Brodie's Lifetime Tire Protection Plan protects your tire investment by providing:

  1. Replacement of unrepairable tires damaged by road hazards during the first one-half of usable tread.
  2. Prorated replacement of unrepairable tires damaged during the last one-half of useble tread.

What tires are available for this coverage?
Passenger car and light truck tires with an aspect ratio of 50 and above. Light truck tires of rim size 20 inches and smaller.  No tires used in commercial service, on trailers, or special order tires.

What is covered?
Only tires that are sold with Lex Brodie’s Lifetime Tire Protection Plan are covered. For covered tires, tires that are damaged as a result of a puncture, bruise, or impact break incurred by on road contact with foreign objects will be repaired or replaced. Examples of this are nails, potholes, glass or debris.

What isn't covered?
Off road driving and racing applications are not covered. Tires that have failed due to a vehicle accident, intentional vandalism, rapid and/or irregular wear, fire, neglect, mistreatment or damage caused by a mechanical vehicle condition such as improper alignment and tires that show signs of abuse as seen due to off road operation are not covered.

A tire is considered worn out once the tire reaches 2/32nds of tread depth. Accordingly, if a new tire has 12/32nds of tread, each 32nd will be considered 10% of the tire’s life.

If the tire is damaged within its 1st 50% of tread wear as determined by the tire’s initial useable tread depth (compared with the remaining tread depth less 2/32nds), the tire will be repaired or replaced at no cost. If the exact same tire is not readily available, a tire meeting comparable specifications will be provided.

If a tire is past its initial 50% of tread wear, the tire will be adjusted on a pro-rated basis (example, if a tire has 12/32nds of useable tread when new and is damaged at 5/32nds of useable tread remaining, the tire will be repaired or, if it cannot be safely repaired, 30% of the original selling price will be credited to the customer towards purchase of a replacement tire). If the exact tire is not available, a tire meeting comparable specifications will be provided.

How much does coverage cost?
Tires for passenger vehicles (sedans, convertibles, minivan’s are 12% the cost of the tire at the time of sale. Tires for light trucks (4x4’s, SUV’s) are 12% the cost of the tire at the time of sale.

The Lifetime Tire Protection Plan must be paid for on the current selling price of the replacement tire to continue coverage on all previously purchased tires still in use on that vehicle.

Any time a tire is replaced under the Lex Brodie’s Lifetime Tire Protection Plan, the customer will be required to pay current tire disposal fees and the cost the Lex Brodie’s Lifetime Tire Protection Planfor the replacement tire plus all applicable taxes. Lex Brodie’s will cover full service fees (mounting and balancing) on replacement tires, only when the above conditions are met.

The determination as to whether a tire can be safely repaired shall be made solely by Lex Brodies personnel who shall act in good faith. This Lex Brodie’s Lifetime Tire Protection Planshall be for the benefit of the original purchaser and vehicle owner only and is not transferrable. Nothing in this warranty shall supersede or replace any other applicable tire warranties, such as the warranty from the manufacturer of the tire. In the event that both the manufacturer’s warranty and the Lex Brodie’s Lifetime Tire Protection Planare both applicable, the customer hereby assigns its rights and benefits under the manufacturers warranty to Lex Brodies in consideration of the benefits of the Lex Brodie’s Lifetime Tire Protection Planconferred hereby. Under no circumstances shall Lex Brodies be responsible for any incidental or consequential damages, loss of use of the vehicle, loss or damage to the vehicle, loss of time, or inconvenience.

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