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Brakes are vital to the safety of your vehicle. At Lex Brodie's we know you need confidence when driving down the road that your brakes will be there when you need them. So here are a few tips.

  • Have your brakes checked once a year, this allows most problems to be found before they become too serious.
  • Never drive with the parking brake on, driving with the parking brake on can cause serious damage to your brakes.
  • If you hear a high pitched squeak have your brakes checked. It could be an indication of thinning brake pads.
  • If you experience vibration while braking have your brakes checked. Vibration could be a sign of rust buildup on the rotor or of a thin spot developing on the rotor.
  • Having your brake fluid tested periodically helps you catch problems such as leaks or dirty fluid.

Schedule your brake inspection today at one of our five great stores in Kailua-Kona, Waimea, Pahoa, and Hilo.

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