If you heard our Lex Brodie's radio spots, you would know that it is normally a banter between two people named ANITA & JOSH. We are not radio personalities, but actually two employees of the company. Josh is the Managing Director of the company and Anita (that's me!) I'm the Marketing Director. It all started when a Holiday Greeting was recorded by Josh for one of the radio stations. Everyone just loved his voice-including the radio staff and a Star was Born. After awhile and 10 commercials later, the Big Boss wanted to change it up a little and add a woman's voice. I hesitantly volunteered and as they would say.... and the Rest is History.

We try to keep it fun, real and informative and I really don't mind taking it for the team by being the FALL GIRL. As long as people pay attention to our radio spots, I'll keep recording new ones. Thank you for listening and being such great customers.


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